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books with Athena

Thursday, October 8, 2009

I Heart Nathan Bransford

For the five people who don't already follow him, Nathan Bransford is a Curtis Brown agent, MG fiction author, and blog-god. Five days a week he writes brilliant posts on all aspects of writing and publishing.

In case you missed his post on Monday about when to hire an editor, it’s a must read for anybody thinking about paying for professional polish of their WIP

Here’s a quote:

“The advice should be positive, useful, strike you with the occasional, "Why didn't I see that?!" moment, and, perhaps most importantly, should be consistent with your vision for the project. In other words, the critiquer shouldn't simply be telling you how they would have written it.”


  1. Hi Anne, I loved the "I heart Nathan" cult when it was established a little while ago. Bless!
    However, I make a point of not finding and reading the days I missed Nathan's Blog. Now I know I've missed a good one I'm doomed to making time to scroll back over his posts. Know any good manufacturers of Time Machines? Hopefully, with a product more reliable than my new leaky dishwasher?
    Word verification: "patio" ? There's keeping things homey.

  2. Elaine, is there actually an I heart Nathan club? I didn't know. But he sure has a lot of blog-peeps-- "bleeps"?--and with good reason.

    But I know how you feel about trying to keep up with all of Nathan's bon mots. My first job when I get to the keyboard is to write, not read about writing--but I end up beating myself up when I miss one of his contests or something really cool, and waste time scrolling through the archives.

    But you don't have to do that: the tinyurl link above takes you right to the post.

  3. Thanks for the link, I'd missed that one. Nathan is incredible with his advice and I adore his blog. I suppose I'm a Nathan "bleep" too. But like you I don't read every single day, and I never comment!


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