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books with Athena

Monday, December 14, 2009


Going off topic here, but I can’t help myself. I heard it this weekend: Bob Dylan. Singing Christmas carols. Sounding like your Great Uncle Harry on an eggnog binge.

Reviewers are asking if it’s a goof or not. I suggest these folks take a gander at the INSIDE of the CD cover: it shows nineteen-fifties dominatrix Betty Page in a black-gartered Santa suit. I have no doubt that's the cover Dylan wanted on the OUTSIDE.

Bob Dylan. Christmas. Betty Page on the Cover.

It’s hilarious! It’s Dylan doing the Bill Nighy character from Love, Actually—old rocker makes a sappy Christmas record for the money and thumbs his nose at the world.

But Bobby, if Christmas in the Heart makes it to the top of the charts, I expect nothing less than a televised nude performance a la Bill Nighy.


  1. LOL!!!! aw i may show my dad, the big bob dylan fan this post! Love the comparison too, must rewatch that at xmas :)

  2. Oy! Talk about multi-cultural, a Jewish faux-"folk singer" doing Christmas Carols. If he'd included Father Guido with Betty Page, now that'd be something. I can't wait for the TV special. Deck the menorah with bows of latkes, fal-la-la-la la-la-la, twang-twang-twang! I love it!

  3. Great idea, Churadogs. Next year he do a duet with Father Guido Sarducci singing "Dreidel, dreidel, dreidel."

  4. Hi Anne,

    thought i'd let you know that i've nominated you for an award


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