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...than you probably want to know.

I write romantic-comedy/mysteries. Maybe a little more comic than romantic. Since two of my favorite writers are Dorothy Parker and Agatha Christie, I guess it makes sense that I ended up writing a mash-up of the two styles. Ruth Harris calls it "Chick Lit Noir."

I've been in the writing business long enough to have collected a pretty full set of mistakes. I blog in hopes of helping some of the new writers out there make better choices.

I live in the little beach town of Los Osos on the Central Coast of California. In a former life I was an actress, bookseller, and the former artistic director of the Patio Playhouse in Escondido, CA. I last appeared in A Comedy of Errors at the Pacific Conservatory of the Performing Arts. I grew up in New England (Waterville, ME and various college towns in CT) graduated from Bryn Mawr College, and spent some time doing the hippie vagabond thing in several continents. Even got married once. All excellent adventures.
Anne on the wicked stage

My author page at is here.

 I’m the author of six comic mysteries: FOOD OF LOVE, THE GATSBY GAME, and the Camilla Randall mysteries:  GHOSTWRITERS IN THE SKY, SHERWOOD LIMITED, and THE BEST REVENGE and NO PLACE LIKE HOME, as well as the nonfiction book HOW TO BE A WRITER IN THE E-AGE...AND KEEP YOUR E-SANITY, co-written with Catherine Ryan Hyde.

My short fiction also appears in the Saffina Desforges Presents Kindle Break anthologies #1 and #3, and in the Indie Chicks Anthology (Oct 2011) as well as  Genre Wars (2010) and Notes from the Underground (2011) and Indiestructible (2013). I have a poem in the Silver Boomer Press anthology, From the Porch Swing (2010) and one in Compose Journal (Spring 2013) 

Was Anne one of "the Brontes" in THE GATSBY GAME?
Most of the litzines that publish me seem to have gone under (I do hope I didn’t have anything to do with that.) Some of those are Mosaic Minds, Prose Toad, Dispatch Literareview, Chick Flicks, Rogue Voice, and the Women’s Press. My first mystery novel COMING UP FOR AIR was run as a serial by the California entertainment weekly, New Times. I’ve published nonfiction in The Coast News, Bay News, SLO City Press, SLO County Journal, Information Press, HopeDance, Women’s Press, and New Times. I was a columnist from 2002-2008 for the Toronto-based Freelance Writers Organization International, named one of Writer's Digest Top 101 Websites for those years.

I've taught blogging at the at the Central Coast Writer's Conference., and guest blogged for Nathan Bransford about the importance of Trafalmadorians in our literary life. You can also find me in the archives of Inkwell Newswatch, the zine of the Freelance Writing Organization—International.

You can read interviews with me at Morgen Bailey's Blog PrueBatten’s ‘Mesmered” blog:,  Books, Personally, Leanne Dyck's blog , Cheryl Shireman's Blog, and with Catherine Ryan Hyde at RedRoom and on Catherine's Blog. I talk to Roz Morris about the "Undercover Soundtrack" of The Gatsby Game on her blog "Memories of a Future Life." And I have a piece at Book Luvin' Babes, "Inspired by a Psycho Lover" about the man who inspired The Gatsby Game.

I talk about the real story behind Sherwood, Ltd at Write it Sideways, and the RG2E and about The Gatsby Game to Alicia Street. Gatsby has a Golden Review at Indie Writers Anonymous. I discuss No Place Like Home with Donna Hole, and the RG2E give some hints about what's coming up next at June McCullough's blog

And if you want to hear a podcast of an interview with Catherine Ryan Hyde and me on the Dave Conglaton show in San Luis Obispo, it's in the archives at KVEC for June 28th, 2012. And I talk to Barbara Hodges at BlogTalkRadio here. Plus there's a written interview with the two of us by Joanna Celeste at How to Tell a Great Story.

Here's an interview with Elaine Raco Chase at the Author's Corner, where I talk in depth about the real story behind The Gatsby Game.

I talk about the story behind my poem No One Will Ever Love Him on the Compose blog.

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